Here are some resources for this first outcome. An example of the power point slides I prepare for this outcome is included. I have a series of power points for each outcome available.

It is important that you build your knowledge of content now about Parliament and why they make or amend laws. Once you are comfortable with the process you can then look at how people can influence Parliament. Not everyone will do this in their lifetime.

Times are changing. Social media is important now but how far does it go at influencing Parliament? This is where you will start to develop your opinion and back it up with examples and evidence. Can you evaluate the effectiveness of social media? Can you describe how it works in relation to a campaign by a group to have a law changed?

Explain the structure and role of parliament, including its processes and effectiveness as a law making body. Describe why legal change is needed and the means by which such change can be influenced.

The main question asked in the 2013 examination on this outcome required students to evaluate the effectiveness of groups in influencing a change in the law. It was worth 6/70 marks.

Question 10 (6 marks)
Evaluate the effectiveness of two methods that are used by individuals or groups to influence a change in the


(C) P Hughes Bell’s Beach Surfing Reserve 2013

The Bell’s reserve is of significance not only to surfers and naturalists, but for future generations to come. To allow Spring Creek to become another Jan Juc would be a developer’s dream. The Spring Creek Action Group is a story that satisfies many of the questions posed by Outcome One.



Victorian Law Reform Commission

What exactly does it do? What do I need to know for the next SAC and the final exam?

How can I form an opinion on its effectiveness as a law reform body in Victoria?


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