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The principles of justice and the Public Prosecutor – Victoria

How far can we expect to go to achieve a conviction in criminal law in Victoria? The principles of justice must always be our guide.

See the appeal case of Frank Orman below:

See Supreme Court (Court of Appeal) notes below

A series of questions also follows below for Unit 2 VCE students in Legal Studies 2019

Who is Lawyer X and what are the implications for the law moving forward from this?

Did the public prosecutor realise the evidence they were gaining from lawyer X was inadmissible?

How does the appeal case of Faruk Oraman influence the principles of justice in Victoria?

The appeal has decided against a retrial for Faruk Oraman. What was there reason for this and what case did the persuasive precedent come from?

Moving forward, are there any more likely appeals from the use of lawyer X’s evidence by the police?

Evaluate the criminal justice system in Victoria in light of the Faruk Oraman appeal.



  • Its an exciting start to the year as we unpack the new 2018 VCAA study design in Legal Studies. There was a lot of work done last year as teachers prepared to tackle the new courses. I wish all candidates good luck in their studies this year. I will be making regular updates and including resources as we commence term one. Attached are 2 web based activities I have created for outcome one in Units 3 and 4. WEBQUEST UNIT 3 OUTCOME ONEv2 WEBQUEST UNIT 1 OUTCOME ONEv2 Bsrt wishes Peter Hughes (The Mallee 2018)