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The concept of legal standing

The VCAA has released a practice examination for 2018. One question focuses on the concept of legal standing and the court’s ability to create precedent. This is new to the study design in 2018-2022. Below isĀ  a link and quote to start your legal research on this concept.

  • As court decisions create binding precedent, it is important that the parties before the court have an interest in the outcome to ensure that legal issues are properly framed and argued.
  • Its an exciting start to the year as we unpack the new 2018 VCAA study design in Legal Studies. There was a lot of work done last year as teachers prepared to tackle the new courses. I wish all candidates good luck in their studies this year. I will be making regular updates and including resources as we commence term one. Attached are 2 web based activities I have created for outcome one in Units 3 and 4. WEBQUEST UNIT 3 OUTCOME ONEv2 WEBQUEST UNIT 1 OUTCOME ONEv2 Bsrt wishes Peter Hughes (The Mallee 2018)