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Narriearra Station – the next Tasmanian Dam case?

The purchase of the station in 2020 by the NSW government is a significant step in both indigenous and wildlife advancement. A move by the Queensland government to alter the flow of the Bulloo River could change that arrangement forever. The 153,415-hectare property which the government has acquired will become a National Park. Inside the property are unique opportunities to explore Australian life mostly untouched for 200,000 years.

The water at Narriearra and it’s protection gives students an idea of how the Tasmanian Dam case evolved. Water and our constitution is a question that is always answered by both legislation and the courts. I hope everyone gets a chance to see this new park and the Sturt National Park next to it.

Peter F Hughes 14 February 2021

  • Its an exciting start to the year as we unpack the new 2018 VCAA study design in Legal Studies. There was a lot of work done last year as teachers prepared to tackle the new courses. I wish all candidates good luck in their studies this year. I will be making regular updates and including resources as we commence term one. Attached are 2 web based activities I have created for outcome one in Units 3 and 4. WEBQUEST UNIT 3 OUTCOME ONEv2 WEBQUEST UNIT 1 OUTCOME ONEv2 Bsrt wishes Peter Hughes (The Mallee 2018)