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Let the Franklin flow, let the wild lands be.

If your content knowledge is sound on the Australian Constitution you understand referendums. You are now ready to consider the role of the High Court of Australia in interpreting the Constitution. The High Court cannot do this without the states or Commonwealth commencing an action. When an action is commenced, either the state or the … Continue reading


What is a ‘referendum? The referendum to make Australia a republic and change our flag received the ‘NO’ vote. This surprised some people but not the majority. The failed republic referendum is a good example of why referendums are not successful. photo of ‘Arch of Victory’ Ballarat taken by P Hughes, Remembrance Day, November 2005. … Continue reading

Advise for Your First SAC

Answer as many practice questions as you can and have the teacher assess them. I cannot stress this strongly enough. The best way to improve your skills in answering questions is with practice. Past examinations provide useful practice questions. Don’t repeat the question in the first few lines of your answer. It doesn’t matter if … Continue reading

Question Time in Parliament this Week

Why didn’t the Government save Toyota, Holden and Ford? Question time in Parliament is often the place for those items the media like to report on. This week the Government was explaining why subsidies to the car industry would not have saved it. Here is question time this week. AND….. WHERE WILL I GET … Continue reading

House of Representatives

Practice Question Explain the role of the House of Representatives.’  (3 marks)


12LEG3 The time for having good summaries of your texts and notes is NOW! The time for practicing SAC ONE questions is NOW. Try these: OUTCOME ONE PRACTICE SAC QUESTIONS MICROSOFT WORD 2010 Oh and some Lee Kernaghan to get the job done. Stand by your mate, stand by the flag.

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