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The principles of justice and the Public Prosecutor – Victoria

How far can we expect to go to achieve a conviction in criminal law in Victoria? The principles of justice must always be our guide. See the appeal case of Frank Orman below: See Supreme Court (Court of Appeal) notes below A series of questions also follows below for Unit 2 VCE students … Continue reading

Open Plan Prison

Thanks to VCE student Ethan for his research on this new concept in prison rehabilitation.


High Court Judge Michael Kirby (retired) once said, ‘don’t forget the justice bit’. In Unit 3 we explore this comment to the nth degree. This thinking featured strongly in the 2018 VCAA examination and is a common thread throughout our course. Welcome to VCE Legal Studies in 2019. Our focus in Unit 3 concerns the principles … Continue reading

Synthesis and the Law – A three step model.

In Unit 3 Outcome 1 and 2, students are required to ‘synthesise and apply legal principles and information to actual and/or hypothetical scenarios.’ At the highest level, this shows students have not only embraced the course, but have fully developed an understanding of how the law works in the parliament and the courts. As a teacher, … Continue reading

The significance of one High Court case interpreting sections 7 and 24 of the Australian Constitution

From : Is there a constitutional defence to actions of defamation? The decision of Theophanous may have seem to have heralded a new personal right to free speech, but it was short lived, with the judgment of Lange v Australian Broadcasting Corporation (1997) 189 CLR 520 categorically providing certainty to the position of the right in Australia. The matter … Continue reading

New 2018 Report from Victoria’s major law reform society the VLRC The link and image are from the latest VLRC report to be tabled in the Victorian parliament. A concern was raised about lawyers’ fees and group litigation actions by plaintiffs in Victoria. The overview and report will provide interesting reading for students looking to extend their knowledge in Unit 4. I look forward to … Continue reading

New Jury video from Victorian Law Courts

The Australian Legal System

Case Study – Australian versus Malaysian Law

Barlow and Chambers   The impact of this action by the Malaysian government on the families of the offenders can never be forgotten.

The concept of legal standing

The VCAA has released a practice examination for 2018. One question focuses on the concept of legal standing and the court’s ability to create precedent. This is new to the study design in 2018-2022. Below is  a link and quote to start your legal research on this concept. As court decisions create binding … Continue reading

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