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The Victorian Law Reform Commission


HUGHES AND HIS AFGHAN CAMELS OF MAREE, 1855. Section 116 The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth. … Continue reading

Kyabram Legal Studies

The constitution – ‘a rule book for the government’ Peter Garrett

Narriearra Station – the next Tasmanian Dam case?

The purchase of the station in 2020 by the NSW government is a significant step in both indigenous and wildlife advancement. A move by the Queensland government to alter the flow of the Bulloo River could change that arrangement forever. The 153,415-hectare property which the government has acquired will become a National Park. Inside the … Continue reading

The biggest challenge to our constitution since Mabo v QLD 1992. The state border closures.

A Victorian or an Australian? What am I?   Am I an Australian? Or am I a Victorian? The answer is simple, in which state do I hold a motor vehicle driver’s licence? It would appear that in 2020, this becomes my passport. This was not the case in 1942 for Keith Sydney Sellwood VX131387 … Continue reading

Victorian Government announcement 7/4/2020

Most Victorian students will be educated from home when Term 2 starts next week to ensure the physical distancing will help slow the spread of coronavirus, with free internet access and laptops for those students who need it most. Premier Daniel Andrews joined Minister for the Coordination of Education and Training – COVID-19, James Merlino … Continue reading

Examination tip – Sentencing Advisory Council Report

Sentencing in Victoria has had a dramatic change according to the Sentencing Advisory Council Report. This is a dramatic departure from what we have seen in the past. Bail is becoming harder to get for serious crimes and prisons (Remand Centres) are holding accused offenders for longer periods. Please check these resources. Understand the way … Continue reading

East Gippsland VCE students

I sincerely hope all VCE students in East Gippsland that have been impacted by the fires can be ready to commence their studies by the end of the month. The fires are still burning as I publish this. My thoughts are particularly with the students from Swifts Creek, Omeo, Ensay, Dargo, Mount Hotham, Dinner Plain, … Continue reading

Eddie Koki Mabo – The gardener from James Cook University!

MABO Life of an Island Man – STUDENT WORKSHEET The above worksheet is for the DVD available online. WebQuest Mabo A Question of Rights The above webquest relates to our study of rights and can be done after the Mabo DVD has been viewded It is not appropriate that I include an image of Eddie … Continue reading

The principles of justice and the Public Prosecutor – Victoria

How far can we expect to go to achieve a conviction in criminal law in Victoria? The principles of justice must always be our guide. See the appeal case of Frank Orman below: See Supreme Court (Court of Appeal) notes below A series of questions also follows below for Unit 2 VCE students … Continue reading

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