Note: A TAB entitled THE COURTS contains material for this outcome.

What was always in our legislation in Australia, the right to graze sheep on the side of the road, came up for consideration in TRIGWELL v. STATE GOVERNMENT INSURANCE COMMISSION  [1979] HCA 40; (1979) 142 CLR 617

The court’s message to the government was to abrogate their decision in this case and change the legislation.

The government amended the Wrongs Act and placed Trigwell in VCE Legal Studies books forever.

I must also give my respect to the Trigwell families who were involved in this terrible accident.

Without a doubt, my favourite case in the VCAA Legal Studies Study Design. This case really shows our court law in operation. Know this case well and you may surprise the examiner. Parliament is always looking at the decisions of the courts as are the media and Barristers interested in precedent.

Peter F Hughes 18 May 2017

Photo of ‘Ash’, the Blue Heeler, by Peter Hughes




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