2018 VCE Legal Studies

Welcome to the 2018 course. Due to my commitments with the VCAA this year I am restricted in what I will be posting online. Recent case law is always a great way to understand what direction the law is taking.

Penguns (pen guns), for example, have appeared in several cases recently (within the last 3 years). Their resemblance to an ordinary pen is deceptively similar. Their use however, is not. Are they a ‘regulated weapon’? This is the type of example that may impress the assessor’s when extended response questions are asking for a direction that the law is taking. Let’s not forget the ‘studded belt’ case.

I will still be updating this site from time to time this year. I hope you enjoy your studies in the law. Remember, look for your own cases, use other’s cases where possible but in the end, it is your opinion the assessors’ are after.


Peter F Hughes   March 2018

The Mallee, Victoria


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