WELCOME 2015 Legal Studies Students

These are my PPT Lessons for transition week.

vce-legal-studies-unit-3-LESSON ONE

vce-legal-studies-unit 3 – LESSON TWO

vce-legal-studies-unit-3-LESSON THREE


As a result of the ICT Department’s wireless and network

infrastructure ramping up operations, in 2015 Year 11 and 12

students will have the option of bringing their own computing

devices to school. These devices will have access to the

Internet, webmail and the Learning Management System,

and of course they can be used for note taking; however,

students will not be able to print or access their H Drives from

their own devices.

For parents and guardians interested in the BYOD program

for their Year 11 or 12 son or daughter, whether there is an

existing device at home that can be used or whether parents

intend on buying their child a device for Christmas, please be

advised of the following limitations and recommendations:

Device ~ Any laptop, tablet or slate computer, including

any iPad 4 or later.

Operating System ~ Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS

or iOS, but not Android (Android devices may struggle

with the College’s proxy certificates).

Wireless ~ The devices are required to support ABGN

wireless in order to access the College’s 5GHz wireless


Anti-Virus ~ If applicable it is recommended that

antivirus software is installed and kept up~to~date on

the device in order to protect it from being infected with

viruses, malware, trojans, etc.

Support ~ It is highly recommended that the device is

maintained under warranty and that consideration is

also given to protecting the device from physical

damage. Please bear in mind that as the device will be

parent owned, Loyola College ICT Department will not

be responsible for diagnosing issues with the device, for

repairing the device or for



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